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Lumia Pro Q

Lumia Pro Q is  a great and magical asset to all your special occasions. This sleek new design is elegant for any event, using a DSLR camera for digital or print copies . Amazing multi color LED lights that change colors as you capture the best moments of your life. Prints out high quality photos that are keepsakes. This luxury tower is one way to take your event to the next level. 

Party Event Photo Booth
Photo Booth Shell
Party Event Photo BoothG
Cannabis Photo Booth
360 Photo Booth

360Q Video Booth

360Q Video Booth is a trendy wedding and event booth. Creating custom, 360-degree videos that can be personalized with different music and graphics. With a GOPro camera, that rotates around you on a stationary platform resulting in amazing video. This trend setter will have everyone talking about your event forever!

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